Connection 3 Culture Night

  • 18th Sep
  • 20:00
  • Droichead Arts Centre,
For more information on this event please contact 041 98 33946

CONNECTION 3 Culture Night 2020  

CONNECTION 'a relationship in which a person or thing is linked or associated with something else'.

As a word 'CONNECTION' has gained a lot of resonance during the Covid pandemic. It is a word that has come to the forefront in a time of isolation and uncertainty. But how do we define 'connection' and what does it mean to us as an individual or community? How do we express our connection with each other, to nature, to objects, technology, to our town or country or to our spiritual beliefs?

Droichead brings twenty-seven visual artists together for a new creative initiative called CONNECTION, which is part of an ongoing commitment to participate and engage in reinvigorating our community during a time of crisis. The CONNECTION project will have three elements – a live evolving gallery exhibition created by six local artists, bespoke posters created by the eleven Borrowed Ground visual artists and an outdoor exhibition in and around Drogheda on Culture Night (18 September).  On the 28 July, when we re-open, two strands of the Project will be launched.  

The final part of Connection takes place on Culture Night 2020 on 18 September where Droichead Arts Centre working with artist/curator Brian Hegarty, in association with Drogheda Business Improvment Development (BIDS),  and Create Louth brings its gallery outside into the heart of Drogheda town, 10 artists, 10 responsive works in 10 disused buildings. Artists opening up their process of creation in non-art spaces in the heart of our community creates a dialogue between art and audience and the 'new' world we live in. It responds not only to inner processes of the artist, but also manifests reactions to happenings in the outside world.

CONNECTION is part of an ongoing commitment of the Droichead Arts Centre to comment, participate and engage in reinvigorating our community during a time of crisis.