#DroicheadConnects: Droichead Diaries

  • 31st Dec
  • 10:00
  • Online
For more information on this event please contact 041 98 33946

Droichead Diaries is an open invitation to write to us and tell us about a typical or random day from your lockdown experience. From age 8 to 80, we want to know what your experience has been like. This project is part of our #DroicheadConnects programme, and is a collaboration with Nicola Pierce, our Artist in Association and Dani Gill, our Literary Audience Development Officer. From Oct - Dec 2020, we would like to open DroicheadDiaries up to primary and secondary schools. We want to to hear from students, in the format of a diary entry, and at a maximum of 500 words.  We hope that teachers will get involved, and submit entries from their classes, or inform parents who can send entries to us.

So whether you are a student, a frontline worker, a parent, a young person or someone cocooning, we would like to hear from you. In the format of a diary entry, and at a maximum of 500 words, please email us your contribution, a selection of which will be published online and in The Drogheda Independent. Submission windows will be open for each month and you can send your diary entry to: droicheadarts2020@gmail.com 

We need your: Name, age and location. *Your entry can be published anonymously if you want, but we need this info in the submission regardless. Open to all residing in Louth & East MeathIn 2021, all submissions will be published in a book by the Arts Centre. 

SUMMER/AUTUMN SUBMISSIONS: The writers were Susan Connolly, Isolde Goggins and one which was anonymous. Published in the Drogheda Independent on the 17 Nov, and online on the 20 Nov. DroicheadDiariesOnline

JUNE SUBMISSIONS: The writers were Dawn Staudt, Eimear Cullen and Matthew Maloney, which were published online and in the Drogheda Independent in July.  In association with The Drogheda Independent. DroicheadDiariesOnline

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