#MeToo, Three, Four…

  • 6th Nov - 9th Nov
  • 20:00, 11:30
  • €16| €14
  • Droichead Arts Centre,

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Wednesday 6th November
Thursday 7th November
Friday 8th November
Saturday 9th November

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Quintessence Theatre

Everyone acted so shocked when the stories broke, like they were these violating waves crashing against the shore of our consciousness. But we all knew it was happening. We allowed it to happen.

Inspired by the bravery of the 'Silence Breakers' and viral #MeToo movement Quintessence Theatre’s new play #MeToo, Three, Four… explores the impact of that movement on daily lives of real people: those with lived experience of sexual harassment and abuse daring to make their voices heard, male panic and backlash, and personal, painful reassessments of past experiences and the true meaning of consent, all through the eyes of four Irish women and men living and reliving their lives in a world of sexual politics defined by power imbalances.

Quintessence Theatre: Theatre Company in residence at Droichead Arts Centre 2019/20 funded by the Arts Council.


Hear Me Roar: Women, Gender, and Silence
Following on from their experimental work in progress Boy, Girl, Repeat here in July, #Me Too, Three, Four… is Quintessence’s second production in their Hear Me Roar: Women, Gender, and Silence programme as Theatre Company in Residence 2019/20 at Droichead Arts Centre.Previously resident in An Táin, Dundalk, for the past four years, the company have devised and produced a body of exciting and engaging work to date, including Cracks, and The Star of Chester’s Lane. This new programme of work is dedicated to women’s voices and stories, now and historically. Through doing so, they examine the smothering inhibitions strict gender dichotomies and control places on women and, by consequence, transgender people and men too. Following #MeToo, Three, Four… a third and final production is also planned during the residency, based on a curious case of a Clogherhead born soldier in Lincoln’s army.


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