Associate Curators in Residence | Kelly Hoyne and Jasmine Hastings

  • 31st Dec
  • All Day Event
  • Droichead Arts Centre
For more information on this event please contact 041 98 33946

          Associate Curators in Residence | Kelly Hoyne and Jasmine Hastings

Kelly Hoyne and Jasmine Hastings will join the Centre this July as Associate Curators in Residence. The residency will allow them to further develop their ideas for events and learn new skills around cultural and event management. Mentorship will be provided from Droichead’s Director Collette Farrell, as well as further support from our other curators. Kelly and Jasmine will also programme one of our new Night Moves events in the Droichead this autumn.

Kelly Hoyne and Jasmine Hastings, both chefs by trade, have recently broken into the world of event curation and management. After attending markets together to sell their own handmade jewellery, they discovered the power of a room full of artists, musicians and art lovers coming together, and how much they loved being apart of it. With this, curiosity grew, inevitably leading them to pursue the goal of creating their own night market called Spiral. They set out to create an alternative and inclusive space to showcase the variety of artists and creative spirit that Drogheda has to offer. Establishing a space for people to attend and support local artists and musicians, Kelly and Jasmine hope to help create a more diverse nightlife for the town.

Jasmine is a self-taught mixed medium artist who has a particular interest in print and jewellery making. Discovering her love for making jewellery out of found objects and recyclable material has led her to participate in artist markets across the country. While tasked with the creation of posters for Spiral events and other DIY gigs, Jasmine has developed a passion for graphic design which takes inspiration from 80s punk design language and traditional Irish folk art.

Since childhood, Kelly had always found herself naturally drawn to interests and hobbies which concerned people and community, folklore and storytelling. Whilst feeding these passions through her studies in Arts and Humanities in UCD, she also found an expressive outlet in creative and journalistic writing, photography and jewellery making. Always finding solace behind the camera, Kelly says this feeling is mirrored in working behind the scenes on the curation of Spiral events.