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  • 12th Aug
  • 19:00
  • €15
  • Droichead Arts Centre

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Friday 12th August
Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Boyne Valley, Droichead Arts Centre and film maker Frank W. Kelly are delighted to announce the inaugural Boyne Valley International Film Festival. Curated by acclaimed filmmaker and Boyne Valley native Frank W. Kelly and Collette Farrell, Droichead Arts Centre Director, this two day event will feature the best short films from around the country, and the world, with a special focus on films made in the region.

Receive access to the entire weekend programme; film screenings, panel discussion, Q&A's and workshop all for just €15 with this BVIFF 2022 Season Ticket! Full programme:

Event Name: BVIFF 2022 | Made in the Boyne Valley

Fri Aug 12, 7.15pm (Followed by Q and A )

FRANKIE – Time: 12’ | 2007| Drogheda/Dundalk

Director: Darren Thornton | Writer: Darren Thornton | Producer: Collette Farrell

Frankie is fifteen and preparing for fatherhood. He's determined he's going to be the best dad ever, but as his day goes on, he starts to realise how impossible this will be for him.

LOCKED IN – Time: 12’ | 2021 | Drogheda

Director: Leah Rossiter | Writer: Leah Rossiter | Producer: Leah Rossiter

Shot from Sarah’s point of view, 'Locked In' follows Sarah as she goes about her daily life during lockdown in Ireland and tries to find a balance between her needs and the expectations of those around her, whilst struggling with a secret in her all-consuming relationship. 

COLDER – Time: 14’ | 2005 | Drogheda

Director: JJ Harrington | Writer: JJ Harrington | Producer: Catherine O’Flaherty

A blizzard descends on an unsuspecting couple leading an isolated existence in the wilderness. Cut off from the outside world, they are forced to confront their deepest fears and suspicions.

BOYNE – Time: 12’ 35” | Mornington

Director: Martin O’Donoghue | Producer: Darren Behan and Martin O’Donoghue

A documentary about the end of an era, and the story of the late Leo Boyle (who passed in 2020) a man who was the last of this kind, a storyteller, a historian, a fisherman and a guardian of the Boyne River.

DEAD DOG – Time: 14’ 14” | 2022 | Drogheda.** WORLD PREMIERE**

Director: Colm Sexton | Writer: Joe Rooney | Producer: Joe Rooney and Colm Sexton

An out of work comedian sees his luck change after making a social media post about his dying pet.


FURTHEST CORNER – Time: 11’ 27” | 2020 | Drogheda/Mornington

Director: Ewan McNulty | Writer: Ewan McNulty | Producer: Ewan McNulty

A young man struggling with addiction and responsibilities.

Second emerging film maker TBC. 

LILY'S THEME – Time: 8’ 01” | 2021 | Salterstown ** WORLD PREMIERE**

Director: Frank W. Kelly | Writer: Bill Murphy | Producer: Bill Murphy and Frank W. Kelly

A grieving Father finds a tiny object with great significance.


Event Name: BVIFF 2022 | Workshop: How To Make A Short Film – With Frank W. Kelly

10am *To reserve your place for this workshop please email

Event Name: BVIFF 2022 | National Programme Part I

11.15am (Followed by Q and A)

THE LUCKY MAN – Time: 15’ | 2020

Director: Laoisa Sexton | Writer: Laoisa Sexton | Producer: Ten Thousand Hours Films

In a dead end rural pub in the middle of nowhere, a lonely, simple-minded barman's fleeting encounter with a difficult customer highlights his need for intimacy.

SOMEDAY SADIE – Time: 12’ 56” | 2021

Director: Imogen Murphy | Writer: Kate Gilmore | Producer: Fiona Kinsella

In 1960's Dublin, a young working class singer falls pregnant at an inopportune time changing the course of her life.

THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE – Time: 11’ 25” | 2021

Director: Myles O’Reilly | Writer: Myles O’Reilly | Producer: Myles O’Reilly

Eddie and Elsie are in their 80’s. Their love for each other, and their love for the world at large and everyone in it, is a triumph for humanity. This tender documentary give us a glimpse into a way of life that is almost gone, and leaves us with a message worth taking with us.

MATCH – Time: 11’ 58” | 2019

Director: Laura O’Shea & Tony Doyle | Writer: Laura O’Shea & Tony Doyle | Producer: Rob Earley & Mark Lawrence

Two strangers‘match’ online and meet for a casual ride - of a Monday, no less. What they both expected is quickly turned on its head, as they both face their separate issues together over the course of one night.

DON'T GO WHERE I CAN'T FIND YOU – Time: 19’ 59” | 2021  

Director: Rioghnach Ní Ghrioghair | Writer: Rioghnach Ní Ghrioghair | Producer: Claire McCabe

A composer is haunted by the memory of her deceased lover.

THE FERRY – Time: 25’ | 2019

Director: Niall McKay | Writer: Nial McKay | Producer: Roisin Kearney

Soon after her adoptive mother's death, Aoife searches for her birth mother and unveils a past that entangles two other women in town.

Event Name: BVIFF 2022 | International Programme


ROY – Time: 15’ 55” | 2021 | UK

Director: Tom Berkeley & Ross White | Writer: Tom Berkeley & Ross White | Producer: Bryony Pulizzi

When a reclusive widower accidentally calls an adult hotline worker, an unlikely friendship is born.


Time: 18’ | 2021 | Canada

Director: Annie St-Pierre | Writer: Daniel I. Schachter & Annie St-Pierre | Producer: Fanny Drew & Sarah Mannering

December 24, 1983, 10:50 p.m.: Julie and her cousins ate too much sugar, and Santa Claus is late. Denis, alone in his car, is anxious about setting foot in his former in-laws' house to pick up his children.

THE GRAVE OF ST. ORAN – Time: 8’ 54” | 2019 | Australia

Director: Jim Batt | Writer: Neil Gaiman & Jim Batt | Producer: Jim Batt & Josie Hess

On the Irish island of Iona in the sixth century, two saints arrive ashore and try to build a chapel.

COLD STACK – Time: 11’ 34” | 2021 | Scotland

Director: Frank Martin | Writer: Frank Martin | Producer: Frank Martin

Divided into three parts,Cold Stackcharts the melancholic decline of the oil rig industry in the Scottish Highlands.

ARE YOUR EYES OPEN NICELY – Time: 18’ 01” | 2021 | South Africa

Director: S.J. van Breda | Writer: Clive Horlock & S.J. van Breda | Producer: Ron van Breda & S.J. van Breda

Event Name: BVIFF 2022 | Filmmaker In Focus – Roisin Kearney hosted by Sinéad Brassil

3.30pm (Followed by Q and A)

Event Name: BVIFF 2022 | National Programme Part II

5.30pm (Followed by Q and A)

AN ENCOUNTER – Time 20’ 39” | 2022

Director: Kelly Campbell | Writer: Mark O’Halloran | Producer: Claire McCabe

Two improbable friends dodge school and wander freely through Dublin until an encounter with a stranger leaves one of them utterly changed.

EARLY DAYS – Time 12’ | 2018

Director: Nessa Wrafter | Writer: Nessa Wrafter | Producer: Clancie Brennan

A short drama about a new mother, Kate. In the days following her return from hospital, she's rocked by finding her world altered beyond recognition.

MEMENTO MORI – Time: 8’ 49” | 2021

Director: Paul O’Flanagn | Writer: Laura O’Flanagan & Paul O’Flanagan | Producer: Louise Ni Chonchuir

In Victorian Dublin, a post-mortem photographer receives his latest subject, a recently deceased young woman. 'Memento Mori' means 'Remember Death', and this night, and this encounter with the dead young woman will be unforgettable.

A WHITE HORSE – Time: 10’ 52” | 2019

Director: Shaun O’Connor | Writer: Paul Cahill | Producer: Sinead Barry

1970s Ireland. A young female patient has escaped a psychiatric hospital and rings home from a telephone box - but her parents are waiting for the call.

HARVEST – Time: 15’ 38”

Director: Tristan Heanue | Writer: Tristan Heanue | Producer: Ronan Cassidy

A farmer struggles with his mortality following a near fatal heart attack.

AN IRISH GOODBYE – Time: 23’ 29” | 2022

Director: Tom Berkeley & Ross White | Writer: Tom Berkeley & Ross White | Producer: Pearce Cullen

Event Name: BVIFF 2022 | Panel Discussion: Inclusion in film making in Ireland. (Panel TBC)  7.45pm. Followed by announcement of Short Film Bursary Award. 

Funded by the Arts Council, Meath County Council Arts Office, Louth County Council and in partnership with Love Drogheda BIDS.