Labour of Love

  • 6th Oct
  • 10:00
  • Exhibitions
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Labour of Love 

“I see forms in nature that speak to me of the human condition. I see something and have an immediate emotional connection, a spark is lit and I have to express what I see and feel. I started collecting avocados in all its forms, {skin, seed and body} and observing how they aged. Twins’ is the first sculpture of this collection which was inspired by an avocado cut in half that had never ripened. I left it on my kitchen window sill to see how it would age and after some time it dried out and the seed had split in half. As I held it in my hand I suddenly realised this is how identical twins are created, same egg but split in half. In my mind the dried up avocado and split seed had become a womb carrying identical twins and I knew I had to make a sculpture representing this.

‘Labour of Love’ is autobiographical, each of my sculptures tell a story and each story expresses an experience I had -  as a pregnant woman, Full of life and ‘Ready to Drop’ ; Starting Outis about the intimacy and hope a couple feel when they are expecting their first baby, right through to separation and marriage breakup in ‘Reflection on Separation’,

I love stone, I enjoy the process of carving and once I have removed the stone I don’t need and I am left with the basic form of the sculpture it is then I start to feel my way around the stone with my mallet, chisels and files creating the lines, flow and textures, that communicates the energy and feeling I want to express. And while I am doing this my thoughts and feelings are all about the person or experience I am trying to express. It is a slow process but allows me to bring a part of myself into the sculpture, it is a labour of love.”

Nuala Early June 2018 | Image: Nest I & II

Nuala Early graduated as a mature student in 2010 with a BA Hons Fine Art from Duncan of Jordanstone, University of Dundee, Scotland. As a Fine Art student she spent her time experimenting with various materials and sculptural processes but it was the medium of stone and hand carving she felt most at home with.

Since returning to Ireland Nuala has worked as a sculpture assistant in Stone Symposium in Clones and Kirkudbright, Scotland, and as an assistant to Martha Quinn, Stone Sculptor in Co Sligo.  Nuala’s previous exhibitions include:  ‘Sculpture in Context’, Botanic Gardens Dublin, ‘Form’ Ballymaloe Cork, Carton House, Kildare, Listoke House, Drogheda and recently ‘Orientation’ in the Droichead Arts Centre. This is Nuala’s first solo exhibition.