Xenophon: From the Beginning

  • 2nd Jun
  • 10:00
  • Exhibitions
For more information on this event please contact 041 98 33946

McGibbon O’Lynn

In Xenophon: From the Beginning, McGibbon O’Lynn present medical and cultural artefacts from a post-human future. As new avenues of scientific and transhuman development reveal themselves, questions about how the reality of how post-humanity will live provoke strange, unfamiliar and fantastical scenarios for us to imagine. Artist Siobhan McGibbon (Cork) and writer Maeve O’Lynn (Belfast) began their collaboration on The Xenophon Project in 2015. The Xenophon Project is an inter-disciplinary art and words project that employs sculpture, narrative, animation and technology to explore the interstices between art and science, and the future of the human species.

This show in the Drogheda Arts Festival, Xenophon: From the Beginning, brings together a collection of artefacts and installation from across the lifespan of the Xenophon Project, to immerse the audience in a post-human future. Previous shows include The Science Gallery and The LAB in Dublin, Tulca Festival of Visual Art in Galway and the Millennium Court Arts Centre in Portadown.




“McGibbon O’Lynn’s joint venture, Xenophon: Re-birth and Re-verse (2017), offers a kinky inter-species getaway, complete with headphones, folding garden chairs and a fountain viewCIRCA Art Magazine, Jan 2018

Siobhan McGibbon and Maeve O’Lynn’s Xenophon Project combines sculpture, sound, and scientific research to imagine an alternative future for the human race in the form of the Xenothorpeans, a fictional post-human species enhanced through medical engineering”

RTÉ, Oct 2017

“ McGibbon’s brilliantly weird Xenophon: Museum of the yet to come, Artefact: Xenothorpean leg (2017) is a wax model of a tattooed limb, complete with webbed foot and claws. Drawing on the Xenophon Project, a collaboration with Maeve O’Lynn, and the artist’s CúRAM residency at NUI Galway, it imagines a future in which humans have adapted, bio-engineered, shaped and perfected our bodies to suit both fashion and the changing environment”Irish Times, Sep 2017,