Sea Change by Leonard Sheil

  • 21st Jul - 12th Aug
  • 10:00
  • Exhibitions
This is a non-ticket event. Please contact our booking office on 041 98 33946

There is a distinctive kind of respectful helplessness felt by those whose working world is the sea. 

No such worker has any illusions about its overwhelming power. It tells them it is best to work with, and risky in the extreme to work against, its power. Acceptance is their watchword, and a stoic courage their response.

Sheil’s work has always been inspired by the sea, an ever changing but permanent force that reflects his journey as an artist. Whether working through the medium of drawing, paint, plaster or wax, he continues to surprise and grow as an artist, reinforcing his reputation as one of Ireland’s most exciting talents.

Sea Change significantly adds to this distinctive body of work. It fuses a kind of rational linearity –  with an unsentimental view of this vast space. This  work will resonate with all who sense their primordial origins in the boundless blue.


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